1 Ingredient & 92 Essential Minerals

Imported From The Beautiful Caribbean Island Of St Lucia.

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The World's #1 Superfood

The human body is made up of 102 minerals that we need to survive. Irish Sea Moss contains 92 out of 102 minerals. This isn’t a bold claim, these are just the facts.

Combining our raw irish sea moss with alkaline water creates an easy to consume gel that Dr.Sebi raved about and used as holistic medicine. 

What are people saying?

Merril G.

Been taking it first thing in the morning. What an energy boost! Must have in my diet for life. I told all my friends about it!

Cindy E.

My husband and I love Lucia Sea Moss Gel! We add it to our coffee, hot tea or juice every morning and feel great the rest of the day!

Mary S.

Love this!! Best sea moss I've bought thus far and I make sure to put some in my smoothie every morning! I will definitely be ordering again:)

Lashanda R.

I love it! I followed the directions and love the results. I'm so glad I purchased this.

Brenda M.

I love the fact that i can purchase seamoss that is already prepared. It gives me energy, keeps me regular. I will order again.

Shannon N.

Great product! I use it daily with my tea and feel more energized. My boyfriend (pictured) loves it too and notices a difference in my skin! Will be purchasing more ❤️

From St. Lucia’s Pristine Waters

Did you know there is a beautiful eastern Caribbean tropical island nation known as St. Lucia, prized for its amazing rainforest and luxuriant mineral-rich volcanic beaches?

You might NOT be surprised to learn that one of the last truly untouched pieces of real nature in the WORLD also produces the world’s finest sea moss! Here’s why:

St. Lucia’s dazzling white sand beaches and clear blue ocean water are known as some of the most mineral-abundant environments on the earth. Additionally, the climate here is perfect year-round, hovering between 85-95⁰ F.

This makes St. Lucia a literal heaven for wild gold sea moss.

You see, sea moss feeds on minerals. In fact, St. Lucia sea moss latches its roots directly onto the surface of a rock and extracts minerals from the rock itself! This is a process known as “ionthropherosis” – and scientists still don’t fully understand it.

But the end result is the same – potent natural sea moss that contains an astounding number of mineral and oxide-derived nutrients your body can use to naturally heal itself.

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Your Body Can Heal Itself...

With health benefits as diverse as improving your immune system, to relieving nasal decongestion, and even increased sexual performance, our science-backed all-organic sea moss gel is truly different – producing different results – than any supplement you’ve ever taken.

The Lucia Wellness Difference

Unlike pool-grown sea moss, or cheap Chinese sea moss, our sea moss is NOT grown in polluted waters or salty brine. It is grown on the beautiful coast of St. Lucia’s pristine (mineral-abundant) ocean waters.

When washed, it doesn’t leak out unnatural and unhealthy mucilage like so many disgusting and hazardous sea moss supplements do.

Our natural sea moss has no salt on it – it is clean. It is farmed by hand with farmers who have been living in St. Lucia for generations.

We farm our crop in small batches, which are sun-dried and prepared for shipping in the USA. And finally, when you order with us, we send your sea moss gel the same day as your order to preserve its maximum freshness.

Don’t settle for the rest – your body deserves the best!

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