Can you use sea moss on your face?

Sea Moss Solutions

So, what's the deal with all these people using sea moss in everything? Well, as it turns out, this little strain of ocean-top algae originating from the Irish sea is somewhat of a healthcare powerhouse. 

People have been putting it in everything - from smoothies to food supplements, even applying it on their faces as a type of topical cream! 

The trend was pulled into the forefront of mainstream media attention when Kim Kardashian announced how she incorporates Irish Sea Moss into her daily life (spoiler: it's a lot). However, the practice of incorporating sea moss into your diet and skincare routines has a storied history, long before Kim decided she wanted it in her smoothies.

In fact, there is evidence of centuries-old use of seaweed and ocean-borne microalgae in Aboriginal cultures. Indigenous Australian communities have been harvesting this type of plant for many years, incorporating it in foodstuff, construction, and in health or skincare routines. 

The question stands then: can you use sea moss on your face? The answer seems to be an utterly resounding "yes". 

Sea moss has several rejuvenating and nurturing qualities when applied topically to the face, and in this article we will be breaking down each of these positives. Alongside that, we will be providing you expert testimony as to the healing properties of sea moss when used on your face.

Finally, we will address any concerns with facially applied sea moss and give you a thorough guide to exactly how to apply sea moss on your face. There are a whole host of products on Lucia Wellness that can help you here, and we will break down how to use them properly and the benefits you can expect from them. 

So, if you have ever wondered about the benefits of using sea moss on your face, as well as any side effects or methods of application, then read on! 

Why are people putting sea moss on their faces?

So, what are the stated benefits? There is a wide array of different stated benefits of having sea moss on your face from over the internet. Here are a couple of the most popular benefits you see posted online:


  • Sea moss is full of exfoliants, and it massively helps to clear and open your pores. Sometimes this can even help with blackheads and the like. 


  • It can prevent acne, especially in summer. The sea moss contains elements that are particularly rich in sulfur. This sulfur content makes the sea moss a potent antibacterial agent that can help create a positive and healthy micro-biome in your skin. 
    • This claim comes from Dr. David Jack, speaking in a board-reviewed article for Byrdie.
  • The sea moss has this ability to aid in combatting acne in part due to how it can reduce excess oil on the skin. High sulfur content can quell excess oil production in the skin, which is a leading cause of acne in adults. 


  • As an exfoliation tool, sea moss is brilliant due to the incredibly dense packing of nutrition and protein. This nutrient density means it has become known as a "functional food" in how it helps vital functions in the body. 
    • The absorption of these nutrients is obviously best done through ingestion but can be taken in through the osmosis of sea moss on the face. 
  • It has also been known to boost several essential nutrients, including:
    • Calcium
    • Sodium
    • Iron
    • Fluoride
    • Selenium
    • Chromium
    • Potassium
    • Magnesium
    • Zinc
    • Sulfur


  • There is also a high collagen content in sea moss. This can be particularly helpful as an anti-aging solution that can really cut through and soften those wrinkles and crow’s feet. 


  • Furthermore, this is a solution can also be used by anyone - as it is entirely vegan. A lot of products that provide this many nutrients tend to be based on animal products - but not this sea moss! A happy fact about this seaborne product is that it is entirely free of any animal products.

Moisture Retention

  • One of the great benefits is the effects it can have on your moisture retention. This keeps your face as bright and healthy as possible! 
  • The citrulline-arginine content in sea moss has been known to prevent and treat the aging of skin in this way! It can also help promote skin cell regrowth, alongside the further protection of those skin cells.

As you can see, there are a staggering number of different benefits that sea moss can have on your face. These are all backed up by expert testimonials and esteemed dermatologists all over the world. 

So, the answer to the question "can you use sea moss on your face" seems to be a resounding yes. Experts seem to concur that products derived from microalgae of this kind are excellent for your skin and can be applied to your face without any worry!

Should I be worried about putting sea moss on my face? 

One of the elements any discerning skincare consumer needs to bear in mind is, of course, the potential side effects. 

Here's the rub - sea moss is not completely harmless when incorporated in one's diet. Many of the seafaring superfood's positive qualities as a function food (its density of nutrients) comes down to the high iodine content in the plant. 

Now, this makes iodine a great boon for those with an iodine deficiency. However, what is interesting about iodine is having an excess of it imparts almost the same symptoms as a deficiency.

Having too much iodine can be bad for you. For those who are not taking iodine for medical reasons, the upper limit for your daily iodine intake is approximately 1,100 micrograms. 

Iodine is typically used in medicine as a thyroid blocking agent for those who have overactive thyroids. The downside of this is that if it is taken in super-high quantities, it can have the effect of preemptively blocking your thyroid. This effect is especially common when excess iodine is taken alongside medicine already used to sort out an overactive thyroid. 

This means you might incur the effects of an underactive thyroid if you consistently take too much iodine (which can happen if you ingest too much iodine through sea-moss). This can include lethargy, trouble sleeping, weight gain, among other issues. 

Now, these concerns and worries are all valid. However, it does not affect people if their exposure to the sea moss is through skin care. While you might need to talk to your doctor or physician if you plan to use sea moss a lot as a food supplement, you will not need to do so if you are just applying it topically. 

While some of the nutrients will be absorbed through osmosis, it will not be enough to cause any of the negative effects of excess iodine. You will be able to use this topical face skincare as much as you want - and aside from allergies can ignore any of the potential downsides of sea moss! 

How should I put sea moss on my face? 

This is an interesting question - unsurprisingly you do not just put raw algae on your face for several hours. Most sea moss skincare solutions tend to use a percentage of raw sea moss in a cream, lotion, or moisturizer to be applied to the skin. 

The cream or gel form of sea moss is typically the way it is most sold. These can range from extremely basic up to particularly premium products. 

A set of products to highlight here is the Lucia Sea Moss set, both the powder and the gel form.

Lucia Gold - Wildcrafted Dry Sea Moss from St Lucia:

This is a great option for making your own high-quality sea moss gel that can be applied to your face to gain the benefits of the microalgae. With this product, you soak it in water overnight to form a more solid, viscous gel that you can scoop out at your leisure. 

St Lucian Gold sea moss comes from the Caribbean nation of St Lucia, where it is left to mature and dry in the sun, concentrating its inherent nutritional qualities. This concentrated nutrition is what makes sea moss products like this into a brilliant function food, alongside a great tool for skincare. 

Lucia Sea Moss Gel:

Do you not have the kind of time available that you would need to create jelly from dried ingredients? Would you prefer to have it already made and readily available as and when you need it?

The Lucia moss gel is exactly what you need. This is already rendered in gel form and can be quickly added to foodstuffs, smoothies, and applied topically to your face. It is recommended to check the ingredients and quantities of sea moss in the gel before applying to make sure you do not leave it on too long. 

Use of sea moss in this case should help to reduce acne build up and generally act as a potent moisturizer.