Is Sea Moss Good for High Blood Pressure?

By now you’ll have heard all about the wonders of sea moss, but at times it can be different to separate the fact from the hyperbole.

After all, you’ll know that sea moss is packed with 90% of the nutrients our body needs, but we can also get those with other supplements. We could take a vitamin C tablet daily or increase our consumption of kale to get the iron we need.

What’s so special about sea moss? In this article we’ll explore the many health benefits that come from this superfood, and we’ll especially focus on whether it affects blood pressure.

Why is Sea Moss Suddenly So Popular?

One thing we need to remember is that it’s not as though humans have only just discovered the health benefits of eating plants that originate from the sea. The Japanese have understood the importance of seaweed in their diet for thousands of years.

During the potato famine of the 18th century, many families in Ireland were forced to eat a diet of seaweed because it was the only food they could find, and it kept many of them alive.

In the Caribbean, sea moss has long been known for its value as an aphrodisiac and is even thought to improve fertility, although there is still much research to be done in this particular area.

So, it’s not that we’ve never understood the powerful properties of this plant, but it’s only as science is so advanced that it’s capable of breaking down each and every one of its benefits.

What is Sea Moss Good For?

A better question could be to ask what sea moss isn’t good for!

When we’re dealing with a wonder plant that contains 90% of the same nutrients we find inside our own bodies, then it’s clear that it must be good for us.

Our blog article on How Sea Moss Can Improve Your Overall Health breaks down the myriad of ways that taking supplements of this superfood can boost your health levels. From increasing the body’s immunity against infection to nourishing the skin from the outside, it seems the benefits are endless.

You might also be surprised to hear that as good as sea moss is for humans, it also has excellent results when used as plant feed. This makes sense; after all, as much as we need nutrients to live, plants need them, too!

Many green-fingered fans of sea moss have discovered that by making their own sea moss gel (as detailed in our blog post on both the preparation and the different ways to eat sea moss), diluting that gel with plenty of water and feeding it to their plants, it’s worked wonders.

Rather than using the heavy chemical formulas of regular plant food, sea gel is kind both to the environment and to the pocket. After all, by boosting the nutrients of both you and your plants, it’s a two-for-one bonus!

Sea moss is already a fascinating plant in the way it makes its own food. It doesn’t absorb nutrients from its surroundings the way other plants do. Instead, it takes its energy from the sun that filters through the water it grows in. The sea moss then converts that energy into its own unique food source.

In order for sea moss to thrive, then, it must do so in clear waters, that receive plenty of sunlight that can reach them under the surface. Sea moss would not grow well in dirty water as it would be too cloudy for the sun to penetrate.

Sea Moss and High Blood Pressure

As far back as 2006, according to the US National Library of Medicine, it was proved that seaweed in a person’s diet actively lowered their blood pressure. And the same ingredients of seaweed that cause this reaction are in sea moss, too. In abundance.

One of the reasons sea moss is so good at lowering high blood pressure is that it contains omega-3 fatty acids. What these do are to essentially activate large-conductance vessels in your body, so that your heart doesn’t have to work so hard to get blood pumped all around.

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to include in your diet in order to maintain a healthy heart, and to prevent heart disease. Thankfully, sea moss is full of them, so you should absolutely consider adding sea moss to your diet if you’ve been given a diagnosis of high blood pressure.

Of course, if your doctor has prescribed medication, then you should also speak to them first about taking sea moss supplements. However, many people have found that by adding sea moss to their diet, their blood pressure has decreased to safe enough levels that they haven’t needed to take drugs to manage it.

Positive Knock-On Effects

It’s important to remember that while the body is made up of many different parts, they all work together as one. It means that when something is imbalanced in one area, it can have effects on other areas.

Take high blood pressure, for example. For many people who suffer with this condition, they end up going to the doctor for a blood pressure test because they’re suffering with other symptoms first.

Blood pressure isn’t like a pain, or an itch, and for many sufferers, they may have no idea that they’re struggling with the condition until the doctor wraps the cuff around their arm and reads the results.

However, for a long time they may have struggled with such symptoms as headaches, an irregular heartbeat, chronic fatigue, and even blood in the urine. Some with high blood pressure suffer one or more of these symptoms.

When taking the supplement of sea moss, those who previously had high blood pressure have noticed that they not only showed much healthier readings when it came to their blood pressure measurements when taken by the doctor, but that they felt so much better in themselves.

The regular dose of sea moss helping to lower their blood pressure helps to reduce headaches and fatigue, leaving them feeling more energized and with a boost in their immune system, helping to fight off infections and disease.

By reducing your blood pressure, you’re also reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. This can only ever be a good thing! So, rather than continuing to struggle with headaches and exhaustion, consider getting your blood pressure taken and if it’s high, then speak to your doctor about the benefits of sea moss.

Who Should Avoid Taking Sea Moss?

While scientists are continuing to reveal more and more promising results when testing the benefits of sea moss, it’s still considered a natural remedy and as yet, no drug companies have officially endorsed sea moss as a cure for any specific illness.

With that in mind, while it’s certainly safe to use, it’s impossible to claim that it’s good for everyone, so you should always consult with a doctor before you begin to make sea moss a regular, supplementary part of your diet.

There are some who should certainly stay away from sea moss altogether, from what we already know. Those with thyroid issues, for example, should avoid taking it as increased levels of iodine found in sea moss can upset the careful balance someone on thyroid mediation has to maintain.

And, as we’ve seen that sea moss can help lower blood pressure, you should avoid taking it if you’re already suffering with low blood pressure, or hypotension.

Sea moss is regularly found in health and other food stores, so if you do get hold of some (for example, purchasing supplements here or elsewhere), then be sure to read the label and follow the guidance on dosage. It’s important to limit the intake of supplements as over-indulgence can do more harm than good.

Health is Wealth!

We strongly believe in this motto, and we realize just how well-tuned the earth is at providing everything we need to keep us healthy in its abundance of natural resources. While we might reach for kale if we’re low on iron, or citrus fruits if we’re low on vitamin C, we should consider a superfood that contains these and so much more!

There’s no way of knowing exactly how sea moss manages to pack such a colossal punch in the form of minerals and nutrients in such an innocuous-looking plant from the oceans, but we’re discovering more and more about this superfood all the time.

But don’t just take our word for it, either! Be sure to do your own research and look at not just the anecdotal praise from sea moss fans all over the world, but at the empirical data that’s emerging every day from trusted sources.

Whether you choose to chew on this plant straight from the packet, pop a capsule with a glass of water or even make your own gel to put into your own creations, you can be sure of the great results you’ll soon see from taking sea moss.