What Does Sea Moss Do For Your Body?

Sea Moss is a type of algae—commonly called Irish Moss or carrageen moss—that grows along the Atlantic coast of Europe and North America. The algae is favored for its health benefits, ranging from skincare to digestion, and many in between. 


The algae gets most of its health benefits from an active ingredient called Carrageenan. It has been used as a natural remedy for centuries in countries that feature an Atlantic coast. Even in the Carribean, people use and benefit from the harvesting and ingesting of Sea Moss.


Sea Moss is typically consumed or used in gel form, capsule form, or in its dried form. However you choose to use sea moss in, many benefits can be found.


Let’s look at what sea moss does for your body in more detail.




Sea Moss can benefit the skin through ingestion and through application of lotions and balms. Both ways to benefit the skin.


Sea Moss contains many health benefiting properties such as Vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce inflammation around the entire body. Conditions like eczema and psoriasis are caused or prolonged by inflammation. Sea Moss can help reduce the itchiness.


Many lotions contain Sea Moss as it contains sulfur and has antibacterial properties. Skin contains an essential ecosystem of bacteria that needs nourishment just like any other part of the body. By stopping overgrowth of bacteria, Sea Moss can preserve a healthy skin microbiome.


Conditions such as eczema and acne, that often cause breaks in the skin, pose the danger of infection. By applying the antibacterial Sea Moss to inflamed skin, not only will the inflammation to go down, but potentially dangerous bacteria will be killed.


Likewise, the abundance of sulfur found in Sea Moss stops the skin from producing too much oil, known as sebum. Conditions caused by overly oily skin, such as acne, can be contained through application of Sea Moss containing lotions and balms. 


Sea Moss is also known to contain a large ratio of collagen per weight. Collagen is essential in giving skin elasticity and stretch. A lack of collagen in a diet may mean that skin is less springy and therefore prone to wrinkling. 


Likewise, hair, nails, and any connective tissues found in the body need collagen. Ingesting Sea Moss can raise collagen levels and prevents skin wrinkling, stiff joints, and even hair degeneration. 



Sea Moss contains an abundance of different minerals and vitamins that make up a balanced diet. 


According to research, Sea Moss may have a positive effect on the brain, primarily in protecting against degenerative diseases such as Parkinsons. Sea Moss does so by preventing the accumulation of proteins in the brain that eventually lead to degeneration that causes tremors and bodily stiffness associated with Parkisons.


Although it is not a proven cure for Parkinsons, those genetically predisposed to develop the disease may slow its onset through ingestion of Sea Moss. Its ability to slow the accumulation of harmful proteins has been seen in worms that were fed Sea Moss.


Another way Sea Moss benefits the body is through the increase of mental alertness and energy. This is partly because Sea Moss contains a lot or iron. Iron is essential to having an efficient cardio-vascular system, in which oxygen can get to where it needs to be in the body.


Sea Moss by weight contains 9 times as much iron as chicken. Adding just a small amount to your food, or by supplementing with Sea Moss, iron levels can be increased.


A lack of iron means that the body cannot produce as many red blood cells, which transport oxygen around the body. A lack of red blood cells will mean that it takes slightly longer for oxygen to reach parts of the body where it is needed. 


Low energy, brain fog, or even lightheadedness when standing up, are common symptoms or low iron. Those eating a vegan or plant based diet can benefit from the iron found in Sea Moss. Incorporating Sea Moss into your diet can see iron levels increased and those symptoms relieved.



As well as being abundant in minerals and vitamins, Sea Moss is a great source of dietary fiber which is essential to healthy digestion. Fibre helps digestion by lubricating the digestive system, meaning food can flow through easier and gut bacteria will not become imbalanced.


Without enough dietary fiber, conditions such as constipation can lead to an unhealthy gut biome. Because food cannot pass through quickly enough, stagnation causes an overgrowth of certain bacteria that help digest food.


Conditions such as Type 2 diabetes can also be helped through the increase of dietary fiber, as fiber helps the body to regulate sugar. Fibre does this by slowing the absorption of sugar into the blood. This can stop sugar spikes that pose a danger to diabetics.


Ingesting Sea Moss will mean you are ingesting dietary fiber, which is essential for overall health. As more research is being done on the health of gut bacteria, emotional wellbeing, and overall feelings of vitality are being found to be improved by regulation of the gut bacteria.


Weight Loss


As well as helping with the regulation of gut bacteria, dietary fiber can aid weight loss. Because some forms of fiber are insoluble, meaning that the body cannot digest them, eating a lot of fiber can make you feel fuller, without ingesting more digestible calories.


Adding Sea Moss into stews and curries for example will help to bulk out the food, meaning for the same amount of stomach volume, you will be eating less calories. Eating large volumes of food helps to make you feel much fuller for longer. Hunger is less likely to be an issue this way.


Sea Moss can also aid weight loss by increasing feelings of energy. As stated earlier Sea Moss increases mental alertness through its abundance of different properties. 


These properties can in fact which can help you to exercise better as fatigue caused by mineral and vitamin deficiencies will make exercise that little bit more difficult. Feeling full of energy and ready to tackle that workout will lead to weight loss.




Sea Moss contains high amount of protein. Protein is essential in building and repairing muscles after exercise. Pair this with the high levels of collagen found in Sea Moss, and it becomes clear that your muscles can really benefit from eating the algae. 


Not only is Sea Moss high in protein, but it is also high in specific proteins known as amino acids. Taurine in particular is an amino acid that helps the body to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. Research suggests that ingesting amino acids helps to regulate metabolism.

Immune System


Perhaps the bodies most important line of defense is the immune system. A healthy immune system prevents disease, prevent aging, protects against bacteria and viruses, and even against cancerous growths. Ingesting Sea Moss can benefit immune health.


By preventing the build up of bad gut bacteria, Sea Moss can lead to an immune system that is more effective in preventing disease caused by the ingestion of bacteria found in food. Problems such as food poisoning are avoided by having a balanced and flourishing gut biome.


As well as helping with gut bacteria, Sea Moss can benefit the immune system by reducing inflammation. Autoimmune disease such as Lupus and Arthritis are caused by the body’s immune system wrongly attacking itself.


Reducing the inflammatory ability of the immune system will slow or lessen the pain and stress that are a major symptom of autoimmune diseases. Having low levels of inflammation are associated with overall feelings of wellness.



One thing to consider is how Sea Moss negatively affects the thyroid. Because of its high levels of iodine, Sea Moss should not be eaten in very large quantities. Over consumption of iodine works in the opposite way iron does, causing anemia.


Thyroid cancer and enlargement are associated with high levels of iodine intake. This should be avoided as the thyroid gland is essential in regulating hormonal balances in the body. Without it, the body will be unable to regulate its needs. 


Sea Moss should be used to supplement a healthy diet rather than eaten in abundance. Iodine levels need to be accounted for when Sea Moss is considered as a dietary aid.




Sea Moss can be used to help your body in many ways. Through ingestion or rubbed onto the skin as a lotion or balm, Sea Moss contains many minerals and vitamins that our bodies can seriously benefit from.


Although more is being found out about Sea Moss, people in locations that border the Atlantic, as well as those in the Carribean, have used Sea Moss for centuries as a health food and medicine.


Adding Sea Moss to smoothies and other forms of food is a great way to increase your overall vitamin and mineral intake. As Sea Moss contains over 92 different elements, it will be sure to cover all bases.