Why Are People Eating Seamoss?

Perhaps you have heard of people eating seamoss, and you wonder whether it offers many health benefits if you were to use it every day. The sea contains an abundance of beautiful and colorful plants that spread over its sandy floor. One of the most common sea plants is seamoss. 

Seamoss usually acts as a hiding place for fish or small sea creatures, but it has also long been considered a nutrient-rich source of food that is beneficial to humans. Irish sea moss is perhaps the most common sea moss used in healing and medicine. It can be used as a food source as well as a healing substance. 


What is seamoss or Irish seamoss? Seamoss is a plant that grows on the seabed. It is one of the most common plants to grow in the sea, and it has many beneficial qualities for both sea life and humans. 

Irish sea moss is also commonly known as seaweed or Irish moss. This type of sea moss is a member of the Chondrus crispus family. It is a species of red algae that is found in the seas of Ireland, Iceland, as well as the Faroe Islands.

When it is extracted from the sea, Irish sea moss is usually used in the process of brewing beer, making jellies as well as in the manufacture of ice cream. In its natural habitat, it is a deep brown or purple, but when air-dried, it often turns to lighter green or yellow. 

Of the 102 minerals that the human body requires to function properly, it has been said that sea moss contains 92. Sea moss and especially Irish sea moss is high in calcium, iodine, potassium iodide, potassium bromide, zinc, selenium, and natural silica. 

What are the benefits of sea moss?

Sea moss can be used in healing when consumed as a food source, as well as when directly applied to the skin. Both methods of application have been said to have highly beneficial effects on health. Sea moss' benefits have been said to include boosting the immune system, improving or aiding digestion, and preventing premature aging of the skin. 

When taken orally, sea moss can help to improve immunity thanks to the abundance of vitamins and antioxidants it provides. It can also help to improve digestion because of its bacteria-fighting qualities. It has also been known to help replenish the body's essential vitamins and minerals. 

Seamoss is often made into a gelatin-like substance that can be added to smoothies, soups, or sauces. Some say that seamoss can help to soothe the digestive system. Seamoss is similar to aloe vera, whose mucus-like form can offer a solution to irritation. It can also act as a soluble fiber to help with digestion. 

When applied to the skin, it can provide protection, wound healing, and anti-aging properties. 

Topical application 

Sea moss and Irish sea moss is commonly used in the manufacture of skincare and moisturizers. One scientific study stated that citrulline arginine, which is present in sea-moss, can help to prevent and reduce aging of the skin. This substance helps to protect the skin and promote skin cell regrowth. 

When used in skincare, citrulline-arginine can also help to protect the skin during cold weather or in dry climates. It has also been said to help heal minor wounds. 

Sea moss is commonly found in body lotions, body oils, moisturizers, and face masks. If you choose to purchase a skincare product, which includes sea moss, ensure to check the label and correctly follow the recommended directions for you. Different products should be left on the skin for varying amounts of time. 

Seamoss as a superfood

Seamoss has also been heralded as a superfood due to its high amount of vitamins and minerals. Like parsley and other herbs, seamoss has a subtle taste. Many people eat sea moss plain and by itself, while others use it in recipes. It is easy to replace traditional greens with nutrient-dense sea moss. 

Seamoss can be simply added to sauces, soups, salads, smoothies, and casseroles. It provides a unique texture to your ordinary dishes while providing a range of health benefits such as improvements in immunity, digestion, and replenishment due to the high quantity of vitamins and minerals present. 

Potential side effects

While seamoss is generally regarded to be healthy for consumption, certain side effects can arise if it is not applied or consumed correctly. Due to the high quantities of iodine present in sea moss, it is important that you only consume the recommended amount. Iodine helps to aid thyroid health. However, too much iodine consumption can result in harm or the dysfunction of the thyroid or even thyroid illnesses. 

Thus, it is important to be careful when consuming seamoss and always monitor how much you consume. Avoid eating large amounts of it at any given time and talk to a medical professional before you decide to add it to your diet. 

Seamoss can also cause other side effects, including reddening or a burning feeling of the skin, itchiness, or irritation, as well as nausea and vomiting. If you have consumed or topically applied seamoss and began to develop, any of these side effects, stop using immediately and consult your doctor. 

How to take seamoss

Seamoss powder

This is arguably the easiest way to include seamoss in your normal diet. You can purchase seamoss powder in most health or supplement stores. You can also make seamoss powder at home by grinding up dried seaweed into a fine powder. 

Seamoss powder is the perfect addition to your regular soups or smoothies to add a hit of vitamins and minerals. 

Seamoss capsules

Seamoss is also available as a capsule form. This ensures that you get the correct amount or dosage of seamoss every time in a simply administered capsule. This is one of the most common forms of seamoss alongside seamoss powder, and it is usually one of the cheapest ways to purchase it. 

Seamoss gel

It is also possible to buy seamoss as a gel form. This is one of the most popular seamoss gel and is becoming more and more common. This fast-growing option is an easy way to add seamoss into your everyday routine. It is also becoming popular among chefs as well as people or love to make smoothies. 

Superfood advocates love to add seamoss gel into their smoothies or superfood dishes. It adds a new and unique texture to superfood meals and adds a subtle flavor. Look for a seamoss gel that contains unprocessed seaweed, as the calorie content is lower, but the nutritional value remains high. 

Seamoss tinctures

Seamoss is also available as a tincture. This is an affordable and quick way to use seamoss. Tinctures contain the essential compounds of seamoss that have been removed from the seaweed to ensure that the user can choose their dosage precisely. 

This is also a useful option for those people that find it difficult to swallow capsules. It also absorbs into the body quicker than the other methods. 

Seamoss dosage

The recommended dosage of seaweed daily is between one to two tablespoons or between four and eight grams. This level of seamoss should offer the user the benefits of seamoss without any of the potential side effects of it. However, if you already have higher iodine levels, it is not recommended that you take any sea moss in any form. 


Seamoss or Irish sea moss can simply be added to any diet. It is also as easy to apply the seamoss directly to your skin. Seamoss has been claimed to have a range of benefits. However, while it has generally been regarded as healthy for consumption and application, the precise benefits and side effects have not yet been established, and more studies need to be done to determine them. 

If you are considering introducing seamoss into your diet or skincare routine, you must speak to your doctor or health professional beforehand. Mention that you have heard about the benefits of seamoss, and you want to learn more about it and determine whether it is right for you. It is important to speak with a professional so that you can learn more about it and to determine whether seamoss is actually a healthy addition to your particular diet. 

When purchasing any seamoss products, it is important to check the packaging and labels for more information. Take note of any government recommendations or regulations, testing that the particular product has undergone as well as other ingredients that you may be allergic to.

This article does not offer medical advice, and neither can it replace the advice of a medical professional.