Our Story

We've all heard the famous adage "health is wealth", you can have everything in the world but if you're sick then it all means nothingWe're avid followers of the famous herbalist, Dr. Sebi, and we believe that the best way to stay on top of your health is by using the herbs and resources that mother nature has provided for us. Lucia Wellness is here to educate and be the most convenient place for all your health & wellness needs

April 2019

Introduction To Dr.Sebi

After the passing of Nipsey Hussle, reports started to surface about him working on a Dr. Sebi documentary. Sebi was a Honduran herbalist who claimed to cure all diseases with herbs and a vegan diet. This is what sparked our interest and began our research.

September 2019

Learning About Sea Moss

We spent the last couple of months diving deep! We read and watched anything Dr.Sebi related and learning as much as possible. One thing that he talked about often was a plant that was grown in the ocean called sea moss that has enormous nutritional benefits. At one point, he had his brother traveling through the Caribbeans and harvesting it for him.

October 2019

Going Vegan: Dr. Sebi Style

The only way to see if a diet works is to try it. That's exactly what we did! Only ate foods listed on Dr.Sebi's guide and made sure to drink a gallon of spring water daily. We started also incorporating sea moss into our daily diets...that was a huge game-changer!

January 2020

Our Etsy Launch

Consuming sea moss in its gel form made its effects hit you right away! We started feeling more energized throughout the day and a lot less fatigued. We decided to help spread the word about sea moss while creating a side hustle, we launched our Etsy store.

April 2020

Welcome To Lucia Wellness

As the world entered into unprecedented times; we realized that we needed to reach and help more people with the immune system boosting properties of sea moss. We immediately started working to source the highest quality sea moss in the Caribbeans, found only in St Lucia, and with that Lucia Wellness was born.

Today 2020

The Story Continues...

Our goal is to continue to provide sea moss in various forms that isolate its specific benefits, making it easier to use.  We're also working to provide other herbs recommended by Dr.Sebi to continue to build Lucia Wellness into your all in one superfood brand.